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Engage Your Employees in

Future Giving


Your Employees in

Future Giving

Imagine a world where your employees can make an outsize impact now.

With Kradle2, you can engage your employees to protect local causes in your community.

Matching Supercharged Plus Employee Retention

Research shows that employers who offer multi-year matching increase employee retention.

Employers and Employees together enable outsized impact.

Corporate Matching for Legacy Giving inspires employees, which creates a positive corporate culture.


Are you an HR Leaders ?

Are you a HR leader? Learn how to create programs that help employees to endow what they love and stay engaged with the company mission.

Already have a matching system? No problem, Kradle2 integrates with existing matching platforms.

No matching? No problem. Kradle2 can be offered as a standalone offering for employees.

CSR Leaders

Looking for new ways to engage employees in advancing the Sustainable Development Goals? Kradle2 helps not only enable future gifts but also provides visibility into total employee future giving.

Are you a forward-thinking leader or a faith forward leader?

Kradle2 can help you achieve your goals with a fresh new way to offer future-giving to employees of all backgrounds.


Visibility into Future Gifting

Get recognized for outsized impact today.

Employers and employees plant the seeds now for outsized future gifts. Non-profits typically recognize those donations now. Make an impact on your community with a minimal investment and maximum return-on-investment.

All gifts are tax-deductible to the maximum extent allowed by law. Learn how you can get started.


How Can We Help You?

A better future is possible. Contact us and we will then share the simple online process to start your sustainable legacy gift.