Amplify Voices by Bringing

Gifting to Everyone

Amplify Voices by

Bringing Gifting to


Gifting money to a meaningful cause shouldn’t be a privilege for the wealthy.  Kradle2 is changing the narrative by making every voice count and every dollar make a lasting impact. We help make it easy and affordable for all ages to make outsized impacts to non-profits.


The Surprising Power of Legacy Insurance Giving

Imagine a $100 a month can bloom into $100k donation for a non-profit. By contributing a legacy insurance policy, and not just cash, donors can exponentially increase the power of their donation.

Engaging Three Generations of Donors in Legacy Gifting

Kradle2 unlocks new legacy gifts for non-profits across three tiers of donors (Emerging, Established, and Advanced), giving you an easy way to create funding strategies, and manage gifts online.


Legacy Giving for Emerging Donors

Millennial Donors (age 25+) - desire to make a $1M impact, but can only afford $100-$200 per month. We enable them to start as $100K or $250K legacy givers and grow to $1M+ givers with donor stewardship

Legacy Giving for Established Donors

Generation X (age 40+) - desires to be seen as $1M+ donors. We make this possible with a small investment now. This also increases annual giving, stewarding a new generation of advanced donors.


Legacy Giving for Advanced Donors

Baby Boomer Donors (age 65+) - long term donors you normally solicit traditional legacy gifts. If asked, many will leave $1M+ legacy insurance gifts in addition to traditional legacy gifts, to ensure the longevity of the organization they love.

Unleash the Power of Legacy Insurance Gifting to Your Non-Profit

Hear How Donors & Organizations
Create Impact with Kradle2


Proud San Diego State University alumni turns a $600 a month gift into a $1M legacy insurance gift to the University. Go Aztecs !

Why Legacy Insurance Giving Works

Legacy giving allows donors to pass on their good fortune and create a lasting impact for future generations. Legacy insurance giving allows donors to make enormous impact through the strategic impact investments.

Simple Process to Setup

Kradle2 helps you determine what legacy insurance gift fits you and your favorite organization. We help you and the donor determine affordable monthly or annual payments. We facilitate the gift through a simple online process.


Community Foundations & Financial Advisors


Community Foundations

Engage your donor advised fund (DAF) holders to magnify the impact of their DAF dollars.


Financial Advisors

Help your clients achieve their philanthropic goals in a tax-efficient manner through life insurance.

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